Whether or not hybrid cars are gasoline efficient is fast fading away from the domain of public discussion and critique.

Today, drivers and intending hybrid car users are concerned about going faster. One of the important questions is, “Are Regular Automobiles Faster Than Hybrid Cars?” Let’s first understand that “going fast” or “dashing on asphalt” require larger engines – to provide the needed horsepower and torque.

Hybrid cars come with relatively smaller engines that save us the rumbling sound of the massive engines of non-hybrid cars. The electric motor gives a smooth and easy take-off.

They also have a remarkable ability to turn off the internal combustion engine and automatically switch to the electric motor when one is caught in traffic or at the stoplight – to conserve fuel and cut tailpipe emissions. All of these integrated designs make hybrid cars dear and ideal for raising global warming concerns.

Despite the efforts put into hybrid cars to increase efficiency and lower emissions, speed lovers are more concerned with electric cars going faster!

While nobody wants to be “crawling” on the road, hybrid cars aren’t as slow as that! They only rely on the gasoline combustion engine for the extra power to accelerate. To “pour cold water” on claims that hybrid cars only go as fast as their small-sized batteries and that their fuel efficiency and eco-friendly designs came at the cost of compromising speed and power, there is no truth to that claim!

Hybrid cars now come with improved battery packs that fit into the lightweight battery concept and still deliver sufficient power to get you from point A to point B even if your destination is uphill.

So, the marriage of both the internal combustion engine and electric engine in hybrid cars is indeed an ingenious union, considering how they can work together and also alternate at different times.

Hybrid cars may not go as fast as regular cars, but with enough powers from the internal combustion engine, they can climb up to 100 miles per hour!

For some, that may still be slow, and manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board and have conceived the plug-in concept cars that can fantastically ramp-up to miles per hour from rest in just 3.5 seconds.

To meet the rising demand for fast hybrid cars, we have seen hybrid car manufacturers going faster in modern models – so, the age of dull and slow (like some people claim) are over!

It may fascinate you to know that we have hybrid cars doing the course on Formula 1 tracks (enduring the extended laps)! Even though these models that are tearing race tracks apart are quite expensive, they are indeed, a marvel to behold!

So far, we have seen the fastest of these series going as fast as 217 mph and a remarkable acceleration of 0 to 124 mph under 7 seconds and 0 to 186 mph in 15 seconds – wow!

So, if you are still wondering which car is slower between regular cars and hybrids, We hope this article presents enough information on the subject.